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The latest news and announcements at BrickFTP

BrickFTP is Built to Last!

Published on May 28, 2019
You want something solid that lasts? Build with Brick. That’s been great advice for just about ever, and it still is today. In fact, we’ve been telling people that since 2009 when we first launched BrickFTP. Customers who have been with us since the very beginning have built file management and security practices that have grown in scope, complexity, and sophistication right along with the evolution of our platform, and today they enjoy the solid foundation and commitment to file security that we made on Day One plus the features and enhancements we’ve added along the way. Yes! We are excited to re-launch our platform as And yes! The brand experience is designed to encompass the broader range of our growing customer base and product and service roadmap, but again, yes my friends! is here to stay.
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BrickFTP Has a New Name:

Published on May 8, 2019
We launched BrickFTP 10 years ago to keep the world's files secure, accessible, and organized in the cloud. When we launched, FTP was one of the main protocols in use and the first that we chose to support. Since then, BrickFTP has grown to support many more protocols and a suite of enterprise class features to suit a wide variety of file logistics needs. We've focused on supporting both legacy and modern protocols and kept a steady eye on the future of global information sharing. BrickFTP has evolved to become a complete solution for all of your File Storage and Transfer needs, and it’s time that our name and branding reflect that.
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