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Groups are a way of categorizing one or more users to make it easier to assign permissions. Instead of keeping track of many users and adding permissions individually, you can add all your users to a group (for example ‘Marketing’ or ‘Billing’). Simply assigning a permission to a group will apply to all associated members.

To create a group, select the Groups option from the flyout menu.

Fill out the short form related to that group. You will see an area that allows you to select one or more users. Simply click in this box and start typing to autocomplete the name of the user you are looking for. Use your mouse to click and select the user. If you want to add another, simply repeat this process.

You will notice that on the “New User” or “Edit User” page, there is the same multi-selection box, except you can assign one or more groups to a user (as opposed to assigning one or more users to a group). This allows you full control to setup your organization exactly how you want.