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BrickFTP maintains a comprehensive audit log of who, what, when, where and how your files are modified. This makes it easy to see exactly who is reading, changing, or deleting your files.

What is Logged

The following information is included in each history log entry:

Time The date and time the action occurred, displayed in the time zone of the current user.
User The user who performed the action.
Description The action that was taken, and the file or folder the action was taken on.
IP The IP address that the user connected from when performing this action.
Interface The interface through which the user performed the action (Web/API/Desktop, FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV).

Folder History

To view the history for a particular folder, browse into that folder from All Files and select the Folder history view button.

Here you will see a record of each action that has been taken within this folder from the time it was created.

You can export a CSV or XLS copy of a folder’s history by using the Export history button below the history log.

To export the history for your entire site, use the Export full site history button displayed below the history of your root folder.

File History

To view history for a single file, simply hover your cursor over it, click the ellipsis button that appears, and click History.

Here you will see a record of each action that has been performed on this file since it was uploaded.

User History

To view the complete activity log for an individual user, navigate to Settings > Users and click on the user you want. Next, click the View user history link.

Here you will see a record of each action taken by this user from the time their account was created.

You can download a CSV or XLS copy of a user’s history by using the Export user history button below their history log.

You can also download the login history for all of the users on your site using the Export login history button at the bottom of your user list at Settings > Users.