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As of May 8, 2019, BrickFTP is now! Learn more here, or check it out now! ⟶

Plans & Pricing

Affordable Packages For Any Size Business
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Small Business






Enterprise Premier

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Includes 2.5 TB in monthly usage (additional usage is always just $0.10 per GB)

Usage is the sum of your monthly storage high water mark and your monthly outbound data transfer (view more details)

Never Pay Per-Seat Fees (unlike competing services)

  • Unlimited internal user accounts
  • Unlimited external user accounts
  • Unlimited human user accounts
  • Unlimited bot/shared/API user accounts

File Transfer Protocols, Management, and Integration

  • Modern Desktop and Mobile web interface with fast parallel upload support
  • Pair of IPs dedicated to your site (you'll never share SSL certificates with any other customer, unlike competing services)
  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • WebDAV
  • Zapier (integrates hundreds of third-party services)
  • Share folders publicly via a static URL (Web Hosting)
  • Share selections of files publicly via access-limited Share Links
  • Share link password security and link expiration controls
  • Inboxes (Request files from others)
  • Webhooks
  • Remote Server Sync (one-way or two-way)
    • to/from Amazon S3
    • to/from FTP/SFTP
    • to/from Box
    • to/from Dropbox
    • to/from Rackspace
    • Inbound polling frequency: n/a
  • Custom SMTP for Outbound E-Mail
  • Receive files via an Inbound email address
  • Subscribe to action events via AWS SNS

Global and International Support

  • App available in 8 languages
  • Store files globally in BrickFTP regions: 1 region
    Global regions include: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, Australia
  • Global acceleration for FTP/SFTP/WebDAV (speeds up transfers between USA and Asia/Europe/Australia)

Security and Authentication

  • 2-Factor Authentication
    • Via Authenticator Apps (Google Authenticator, Authy, Duo, etc.)
    • Via Yubikey (up to 25 users)
    • Via Hardware Keys (U2F/FIDO) (up to 25 users)
    • Via SMS (up to 25 users)
    • Ability to Mandate 2FA enrollment for users
  • Encryption
    • Encryption at rest and in-flight
    • A+ Score according to SSL security assessment
    • Custom SSL Certificate for custom domains - provided by us or provide your own
    • Most secure HTTPS features, including modern ciphers, HSTS, HPKP, and session IP pinning
    • GPG encryption using customer provided public keys
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • Via Google / G-Suite (up to 25 users)
    • Via LDAP/Microsoft Active Directory (up to 25 users)
    • Via Okta or OneLogin
    • Via your own custom OAuth or similar system
  • Anti-Virus Scanning
    • via ClamAV
    • via Sophos
  • File and Folder Permissions
    • Assign users/groups permissions (read/write/preview/list) on a per-folder basis
    • Permissions overview page allows easy auditing

Digital Asset Management and Virtual Data Room Features

  • In-app image and video previews
  • Document previews for office documents
  • Image watermarking
  • Document watermarking

Branding and Customization

  • Custom Domain: 1 domain
  • Custom Colors
  • Customer Header and Footer: Rich Text
  • Integrate your own tracking pixels

Administration and Workflows

  • Max # of items in a folder: 10k
  • Max individual file size: 10 GB
  • Automation and Workflows Features
    • Files expire after a certain period of time since creation
    • Users are notified when files are uploaded to a folder
    • Groups are notified when files are uploaded to a folder
    • Create folders on a schedule
    • Request files from others based on workflow rules
    • Request files to be processed based on workflow rules
    • Create folders when new users are added
    • Workflow setup concierge - our team will learn your business processes and help you implement workflows
  • Search
    • Search file names
    • Search inside files (search file contents)
  • Administration Delegation
    • Assign file permissions on a per-folder basis
    • Assign permission to view history logs on a per folder basis
    • Assign group admins who can add users to their group
    • Nested groups (groups within groups)
  • Developer Support
    • Additional full accounts for use as a staging environment (up to 2, usage quotas pooled)

Support and SLA

  • E-Mail and telephone support: Standard
  • Support response time: 1 business day
  • Webhook/E-Mail/SNS SLA: 30 minutes
  • Migration assistance: Basic
  • Discount on consulting/professional services rates: n/a
  • Priority access to beta features
  • 24/7 Emergency "911" direct engineer pager access
  • Assigned named account concierge

Compliance and Legal

  • Max Log Retention Period: 0.5 years
  • Max File Backup Retention Period: Unlimited
  • GDPR Data Processing Addendum (DPA)
  • EU-US Privacy Shield
  • HIPAA/HITECH Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
  • Assistance with your audit or vendor compliance programs
  • Archive-Only Mode (prevent file deletion entirely)
  • Agreement to provide your regulatory body access to your data (finance/banking/other regulated clients)
  • Consideration of custom BAA or substantial changes to our Terms of Service
  • Optionally prevent BrickFTP from listing you as a customer on our website

Pricing FAQ

How does the trial work?

BrickFTP trial accounts are completely free for 30 days. The trial includes all the features of our every plan, with a 500 GB hard quota. After 30 days, you will be required to upgrade to a paid account.

Is there a contract or any hidden fees?

BrickFTP All Inclusive plans have no contract, and no hidden fees. Your account will be billed on a monthly or annual basis, and you can modify your plan or cancel at any time. Enterprise customers are typically placed on yearlong or greater contracts. Please contact us for more info.

What payment methods do you accept?

BrickFTP supports payment via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) and PayPal. We also accept ACH, SEPA, FPS/BACS, Bitcoin, and mailed payments, invoices, and purchase orders when prepaying for at least a 12-month term. Please contact our sales and support team to upgrade using one of these payment methods.

Will you match competitors' pricing?

We've worked hard to be able to offer you to the best value in the industry; we do not charge per-user or per-seat like most of our competitors.

Do you offer discounts to non-profits or students?

Because our prices already reflect an amazing value and are all-inclusive, we do not have room to offer further discounts.

Can I extend my trial past 30 days?

If your organization requires more time to evaluate BrickFTP, just reach out to us and let us know your situation.

Can you combine billing for multiple accounts?

Yes, simply email us and ask us to combine the billing for you. We will consolidate it so you only have one payment method to manage.

What is your refund policy?

You may cancel your BrickFTP account at any time, and if you request a refund, we will return your most recent monthly payment, no questions asked. Annual accounts will receive a prorated refund of the unused amount paid. One refund per person, please.

Need help choosing a plan?

Tell us more about your project, and we'll help you choose the plan that's best for you.

100% satisfaction guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee
We're so confident you'll absolutely LOVE BrickFTP, we guarantee it:
Use our service for 30 days, and if you're not 100% satisfied, just contact us and we'll give you a prompt and courteous refund of your full purchase price.